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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Nottingham and Manchester have been hit, The Military are on standby with Martial Law, a Curfew is being considered
To put this into proportion, there hasnt been a curfew imposed on mainland Britain in over a Century (unless you want to include black outs during World War Two)

...and incase you wondered There has not been a case of Martial Law in England since The Collapse of The Republic under the Cromwellian Protectorate, in SIXTEEN FIFTY THREE If we actually see Martial Law employed it will be for the first time in around Four Centuries

Now the Military have been deployed to help with aid and natural disastors...but thats not the same thing.
Considering a curfew!??!?!? They should consider shooting them. Obviously you can't reason with these people. Do you think they will abide by a curfew?!?!?

As Blade would say "There are people who need shooting. The f*cking pikey scum!"

Speaking of Blade......he hasn't been around recently.....or Jon.....or Buc Nasty........

Hope everyone is okay...........
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