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I'm afraid the situation has got MUCH worse.

Yesterday there were TWELVE riots, in TWELVE different parts of Greater London, both north and south of the attack was at Oxford Circus, which is Central London, A futher attack occured in Croydon south london where a 150 year old block that escaped the blitz was distroyed by youths. Clapham was hit...the Sony Centre was distroyed

But it gets worse, the trouble has spread. Last nigh riots broke out in Bristol, in Liverpool, and in Birmingham. There was a scurmish in Coventry, and we heard that debenhams department store was hit in Leeds (less then 45 mins away from where I live) The riot begins in Liverpool...meanwhile they are burning cars in Bristol

I have a contact in central london that reports as of three hours ago, there was a rumour that a riot had happened in Elephant and Castle...and there was a gang on Lower Marsh by Waterloo...within visual sight of where I lived in London.

I'm afraid this is getting a little bit out of hand...I think if this continues tonight or spreads any further you will start to see the Military being used in some of the larger British Cities because the Police are rapidly looosing control.

Want to know the most shameful thing. These are CHILDREN that are causing this. Like rabid packs of dogs. Children between 7 and 16 are probably 80% of the problem here.

Ironically...not a peep from Bradford, the usual Riot centre of Britain
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