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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
I'm happy; it's nice the millionaires vs. billionaires battle is finally over.

Well I'm a Chiefs fan, and I have to say that I like our chances in the AFC West this year. Although we won 10 games last season, we only beat 1 team with a winning record so in my mind, we still have to beat good teams if we want to make it; we're just fortunate to be in the AFC West which is rebuilding all over, but I think we started rebuilding earlier than all of the others so that head start should continue to boost us.

Losing Vrabel and dropping Waters could hurt, but we'll see how that goes.
You guys also picked up Steve Breaston, which is a tough loss for us Cardinals fans. I'm not sure that he is worth the money the Chiefs paid him, but I don't doubt his potential one bit. He is a solid number two, but he's a really smart guy and could flourish into a better player than he was here if he is utilized properly. He is also great in the locker room, with the fans, and with the media. He will be missed here in AZ.
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