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Default NFL 2011

Next week is the start of the pre-season, so it's time to start talking about football again. How is everybody feeling about their team's chances this season?

I think the Cardinals really came up big in free-agency and the draft this off-season, despite the fact that it has been so condensed due to the lockout. Obviously we had to give up Dominque Rogers-Cromartie, but the upside that Kevin Kolb could have for this team as a franchise quarterback is potentially huge. Add that to the pickups of Tood Heap and Daryn Colledge in free agency, Patrick Peterson with the fifth pick in the draft, as well as a few other signings, and I think the Cardinals have managed to significantly improve their team. Now, that's not saying much considering how much they sucked last year, but it does give them a much better shot at being the favorites to win the struggling NFC West and secure a home playoff game.

Obviously, the Eagles and the Patriots made out like bandits this offseason too. I think they will be forces to be reckoned with, along with the defending champion fudge Packers and Rex "toe-sniffer" Ryan's Jets. Even though I have been a Cardinals fan for years, and Arizona teams in general, I still show love and support to my native Chicago teams, and I am pretty much your typical Chicago fan. With that being said, I have little faith in Gay Butler to lead the Bears to the promise land, but who knows. They were close last season, but losing to the Packers in the NFC Championship basically assures the fact that a lot of Chicago fans will hate you forever.
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