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Something else to note here...I have little doubt that in this instance the police were correct in their response...but this is the same fire arms unit which murdered in 2005 and then lied to cover their tracks...and didnt lie very well.

In 2005 they followed a suspected bomber to a tube station from a block of flats before murdering him in the station. There were a number of the guy they were looking for and the guy they followed did not even look alike...there were also lies, for example, how he supposedly fled into the station and jumpped the barrier (the CCTV footage says otherwise) of the fact that he was wearing a thick coat...the tabloid papers revealed photographs after the shooting of the body...he was wearing a denim jacket.

Now I am not saying the police are mistaken this time. Just pointing out that this particular squad of armed police made one of the largest ups of any armed police responses this century....once London...not far from where I was living, at the time I was living there
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