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thanks mike, the encouragement is appreiated and needed

post made to our wrestling club page...

Hey guys it's coach Bodi - wanted to let you guys in on what the old coach has been doing in the off season. First off there is no "off season" so I have used the time away from the mat to get in shape. My goal is to compete next year at the greco state tourney so there you have it, my public proclamation so hold me to it. In the mean time I joined a gym and got a personel trainer. With Greco state being so far out we decided to set a mid term challenge/goal in the form of a fitness contest at urban fitness. Today was the day and here are my results, which put me in contention for first place in the mens 39 and under group.

body weight squats (185lbs) - 55reps

pushups in 60sec - 72

situps in 120 sec - 59 (i didnt recover well from the pushups)

agility T test - 12.56

broad jump - 83"

sprint 40 yds - 6.22 (the seahawks wont be scouting me this year)

max pullups - 22

v-sit flexability - +6.5"

1 mile run - 8.03min

the events were done in this order with short breaks in between so my legs were pretty dead from setting a crushing lead over a second place of 35 in the squats. My best miile is 7:22 so 8:03 after all that is decent. My poor heart rate was 185 about halfway thru the first of 3 laps so that time was a real gut check.

Seasons just around the corner!!!!!! Lets do this!!!!
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