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Default The Case of Katherine Gunn...the US illegal request

I've just watched a film about Katherine Gunn.

She was a woman who worked at GCHQ...the heart of the British Civil Service

She was arrested because she leaked some top secret information to the British Press...but its not information I have EVER heard until today...which is suprising considering what I was studiying at University at the time.

Now how much of this stems from the Bush Administration we may never know, but the National Security Agency of the US asked her, specifically, and in writing, to help them by planting listening devices in certain buildings of The United Nations...Angola, Cameroon, Chilie and Pakistan were the targets.

The United States wished to know if The United Nations, specifically those countries, would back a Resolution to invade Iraq, and to see out of those who had involvement with them, who would, and who would not support such a process, and why. These Countries were those who held special votes on the Security Council at the time when the US was ready to approach the United Nations...but who were not permanent members of the Security council like France, Russia, China, and Britain.

This is against International Law.

Katherine was arrested when she tried to resign because she had leaked the information. Because she worked for the head of the civil service, she basically was violating the official secrets act.

When the Trial came to court in 2004, the Government dropped all charges and let her go. I ask you.

What happened in America to a man called Frank was he who asked for this illegal activity to take place. Was this ever uncovered in the US I cant really believe that the United States Government was really THAT bothered about the rulling of the United Nations to bother going to illegal measures to find out votes that wont make a difference to their already decided course of action. Sooo I wonder if this was more a...secret service opporation
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