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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
It my paraphrasing of about three papers I read this morning which were supposed to show the world reaction to the American Deal. I thought people would be happy, and I was glad the Republican won.

But people are not happy, they are so unhappy, that the deal may not be enough to overt catastrophe. So I outlined why. I have the ability to read other peoples arguments and paraphrase in my own language...and being English its what I hear people say about Americans all the time. Sometimes I can empathize, and mostly I can understand..but I dont always aggree.

The Chinese Paper I have not personally read, I heard about it through a secondary source that described it as "Furious" and "livid"

You all jumped on criticisms of the Republicans...without realizing, I also outlined first the criticisms against the Democrats. People are largely unimpressed that it took you guys so long to come to any decision, and they dislike the bickering from BOTH parties.

But then...some of them dont care enough to understand how American politics works, they dont know what either party stand for...all they know is whilst there is no deal, there is no safety, and the longer it takes, the less confidence they have in your Government.

Most of you picked what you wanted to read because at heart, you dont really accept anything that a Non American says about America. You dont want or like any advise, however relevant, or helpful, or unhelpful it might be.

There has been next to nothing in this political section about world politics outside what I bring to your attention...there is also grande occasions when I publish news in some state before anyone from that state does.

I cant help it
I wouldn't trust his paraphrasing. That is all I have to say.
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