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Originally Posted by Dethbob View Post
Your original post mentions nothing about any Chinese paper or ‘rest of the world saying’, are you trying to backtrack and say that you didn’t write all that?
No I was telling you what others were thinking...probably the people who get to decide about the credit rating. The chinese paper is just one thing I heard about, I would post that here...coz its bollox...but it is a great swaith of public opinion.

My point was that the deal to avoid default may still have come too late...and I was explaining WHY even with a deal before the deadline you may be downgraded...and the reason is, public opinion NOT fact is what effects your status. The entire financial world is built on confidence...not actuality...confidence.

Were you inspired with confidence by the way your Government reached the deal? Do you think non Americans would be inspired to have confidence in the United States after the last two weeks in Washington?

Because if the answer is NO..(and I gave you the low down on why the majority is probably no and that low down is all you focused on, what you think is just my opinion, what you think is stirring trouble and what you all are mooing about...except for County Mike...who actually gave a very reasoned, and very American response LOL) may still wake up tommorow to find this hasnt gone away.
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