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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
LOL. This is coming from the "man law", so ladies, please ignore this statement.
Dave, What ya'll think doesnt matter, because we can still kick ya'lls tail.
We may be broke, but we still throw the best hands.
Dont freak out!! I'm just playing with you.

Dave, do you think it wise to come on here and speak like that to a forum made up mostly of Americans? You always complain about people starting crap in the Christianity section, so why are you doing it here? I'm not trying to start anything, I just dont understand you.
I can see their point...but I dont aggree with every single detail...Unlike most Europeans I dont have a problem with collonialism...and neither should they if they remember their own pasts. I recognise that England is far from guiltless in the handling of its Empire. Conflicts still rage today that are purely our mistake and legacy. I recognise that the Republican end of America is as close as one can get to what the world was like, what I feel the world should be like, certainly what the founders of America wanted. I dont have a problem with that...but I am not conventional in the european sense. I like the fact that Americans are culturally confident, I love the fact that they still have things classed as Sacred, that there is still something in thie culture they will physically defend. There is meaning there...whereas Europe is colourless, its all the same, nothing stands out, there is no cultural identity left. The want to include everyone and everything has left us with nothing still. Also there is just something about Americans that you simply cant get anywhere else. I cant explain it, but wherever they go there is fun, and joy...and an air of excitement, because they live in a world with absolutes, with right and wrong, and where things are still kept sacred....and they cant help but bring that with them wherever they go.

I dont need to know that something is perfect before I can love it. All my life it has been the same. I love Saint Paul's Cathedral, although the evil I encountered there knocked me back four years spiritually, and has left permanent scars. I still love her. I love England...even though she is not what she was. Even though she has more or less died. There is nothing English left, bearly anything British...we are all European now. Our laws look after the guilty, our criminals live in more luxury then the poor, our immigration control is non existant...our parliament takes orders from the European parliament, and a bastard supreme court imposed on us, appeared above the Crown....and NOONE CARES. But I still love her. I also love Israel...she is so naughty its unbelievable, she is so guilty of doing terrible things and she knows it But I still Love her. I also Love America, whether you believe it or not isnt a concern to me, I believe that her principles when employed properly are the best system known to man, but I have no quarms about saying that she makes tonnes of mistakes. That doesnt tarnish anything...for two reasons...firstly, its the ideal or the spirit of the place that I really love, and is a choice. once you choose to love something you must go on loving it even if you hate it, even if at times its sheer duty and nothing else.

If you dont understand any of that dont worry.
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