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Originally Posted by Dethbob View Post
This is exactly why Conservatives donít care what Europeons think, because you have no idea what is going on. What is destroying the financial wellbeing of THE ENTIRE PLANET is the fact that people like Obama and most other world leaders think the taxpayerís money is free and that they can go on borrowing and spending on bribery projects to fund their influence forever, and the bill will never come due.

Please spare me the carrot of Colonial Power status and the cluck clucking about the need for us seek global approval. No one in America wants any such thing. We are taking care of our own business, and if we did this more often there would be much less for you to wring your hands about.
Well you should care. This is about world wide public confidence, and lets face it, the number of people in Europe, and the Number of people in the Orient, kinda out weight the number of people in the US.

China is coming to get you! Do you understand that? You, personally may not care about colonialism...but your multinational companies, that form the backbone of your industry, and that terraform other countries in order to multiply and bring back profit...THEY DO...and they have a BIG impact...and its a matter of national security that they do for your nation to survive as it does.

Even if you despute ALL of that.

I tell you now. China is very much its conquest of Africa at the expense of the US AS WE SPEAK is showing.

You have FOUR years of your Reign left unless you listen and you change. After that, Good luck to you, and GOD save us the Planet becomes eclipsed by an Americans worst nightmare...a Communistic, collonial, ever expanding, ruthless, human rights disregarding Nation of Tyrants...the likes of which you have never seen before.

I would love for you to detail to me, in light of having just written off both democrats and republicans, exactly how you think that you are taking care of your own business. Nice words...but we dont see the action...I think thats the problem im trying to illustrate.

Feel free to educate dumb Englishman...
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