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... unimpressed that once again Republicans are not realizing that there is more at stake here then America... Republicans have no quarms about, effectively, distroying the financial wellbeing of THE ENTIRE PLANET to make what many outside America believe is a petty point... because not many of us have confidence in your Nations Leadership abilities... America is not willing, when push comes to shove, to think about anything but her self... You are an extremely Selfish, and may I say foolhardy Nation... you have effectively ruined any chances of becoming a long term super power... an embarissment...and in terms of Collonial Powers, you are fast becoming a flash in the pan... and its up to the Republicans to re-establish their Nation... WHO is going to be the next Republican President...and WHY are they not getting global recognition and support NOW? There is no time for you to waste...and I sincerely hope the Republicans are not now going to congratulate themselves and sit back on the laurals for the next few months before plunging what will almost certainly be the final straw for the Obama administration into the capitol.
This is exactly why Conservatives donít care what Europeons think, because you have no idea what is going on. What is destroying the financial wellbeing of THE ENTIRE PLANET is the fact that people like Obama and most other world leaders think the taxpayerís money is free and that they can go on borrowing and spending on bribery projects to fund their influence forever, and the bill will never come due.

Please spare me the carrot of Colonial Power status and the cluck clucking about the need for us seek global approval. No one in America wants any such thing. We are taking care of our own business, and if we did this more often there would be much less for you to wring your hands about.

The Republicans, by the way, do not have that much to do with this. They allowed a lot of this to happen, and are only doing something about it now because we the people are not giving them a choice. I have no doubt at all that the Republicans will sit back and congratulate themselves on whatever we can force them to do, if it turns out to be popular later, but donít worry, we know better than to depend too much on them.
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