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Default Barack Obama Caves to Pressure at the Eleventh Hour

...thats the good news.

The bad news may be too late...and either way I cant see him getting re-ellected.

So The Republicans idea of basically doing a review, and then deciding in a few months has been accepted. But the Democrats have avoided default...with about thirteen hours to go. Barack Obama has visible gray hairs he didnt have last week...its shocking!

The bad news may be too little too late


Because the United States could never have defaulted...they would, had a default been the only option, taken money away from their populas to avoid it. So the credit rating is less about the physical inability to pay back China (mostly) and more about public confidence.

Firstly...the rest of the world has been watching, and I have got to tell you, we are largely unimpressed. We are unimpressed that the President of the United States, the Great Barack Obama, has been unable to influence with his sharp wit. We are also largely unimpressed that once again Republicans are not realizing that there is more at stake here then America.

What happens in America effects the whole world. Republicans have no quarms about, effectively, distroying the financial wellbeing of THE ENTIRE PLANET to make what many outside America believe is a petty point scoring contest to push this decision closer to the Ellections and bollox the process for Barack Obama.

Personally I aggree with the Republicans in terms of how they should cope with this...and I kinda admire the way they have dared to risk everything...BUT the rest of the world is not quite as pro Right Wing America as me. might wake up on Tuesday to find your credit rating has been lowered regardless of the eleventh hour deal, largely in favour of the Republicans...because not many of us have confidence in your Nations Leadership abilities, and most of us are frankly tiered of being continually dragged through the shyte because your Government hasnt learned how to manage its money...and the fact it refuses to recognise the impact that has on its "friends" largely refuses to recognise its "Friends" at all now...and these are "Friends" who made serious errors of judgement in the past AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE, to find that as per usual, America is not willing, when push comes to shove, to think about anything but her self.

You are an extremely Selfish, and may I say foolhardy Nation, who is only just begining to realize that in less then century through gungho attitudes, and power going to your head, you have effectively ruined any chances of becoming a long term super power.

It is an embarissment...and in terms of Collonial Powers, you are fast becoming a flash in the pan I am sorry to say. Largely it is because your Government is Far to polarized...You either need a comprimise...which will never happen...or you need a good solid, and I mean a GOOD, SOLID Republican revolution which will drag the United States almost back into isolation to recover.

Regardless of what occures guys, as the ellectorate, and in accordance with your ideology that YOU, the Citizen are in charge, and NOT Washington Idiots...need to bully, harras, and ceasingly work on reforming, and bringing your Government to account. You need to purge the credit hoarders, and you need to do it post haste. Your Republicans need to get themselves together, they need to be strong, and they need to start acting.

By the time this review is finished, they need to be absolutely Dominant....or in the wont matter at all. This is not just make or break for Republicans...its really make or break for the whole American has move so far away from its original ideas that it is now a danger to everyone including itself...and its up to the Republicans to re-establish their Nation...and if the Republicans cant do it...then they need to say so...and someone needs to start a Constitutionalist party, and wipe out Washington politics all together, in time for the next General Ellection. You can not solely be fixed on ousting Barack Obama, without having a unified response. WHO is going to be the next Republican President...and WHY are they not getting global recognition and support NOW? There is no time for you to waste...and I sincerely hope the Republicans are not now going to congratulate themselves and sit back on the laurals for the next few months before plunging what will almost certainly be the final straw for the Obama administration into the capitol. Thats not good enough. I hope that your Senators realize this is the first step, and it was a bloody long time in comming.

I am sorry if you think this is being mean. But if you truely live by the thoughts you have spent ages talking to me about, you should understand this, and largely be in aggreement, and now, please GOD, be motivated to actually make this happen.

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