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- When your kids know MMA fighters and the Gracies, but know of no hockey/basketball/football players
- When you dont boo when people are fighting on the ground
- When getting a hug (even on close family members) you ALWAYS give them the "post-hug pat on the back" from the underhook position.
- Bas Rutten is your favourite recording artist
- You eye up people, guessing what their fighting style would be like and take their build in to consideration to determine the best strategy of kicking their ass.
- When people ask if you have ANYTHING other than fights to watch and you throw them "Smashing Machine".
- When your wife/girlfriend catches you shadow boxing in the kitchen and just shakes her head.
- When you are showing your 2 year old how to use his feet from his back
- Can't watch a boxing match without screaming "KNEEEES!!!!"
- Your wife/girlfriend's lingerie consists of a sleeveless rash guard and fight shorts.
- You check out everyone's ears
- You look at guys cauliflower ears and think 'respect!'
- If your basement is lined with wrestling mats in case you feel the urge to get a little more training in.
- When you see a name beginning with R, you instinctively pronounce it with an H in your head.
- A gi permanently in the washing machine
- When you keep your distance from chain link fences
- When you buy Chute Box apparel and practice your stare down in the mirror... or so I'm told.
- When your daughter kisses you on the cheek then quickly applies a rear naked choke on you!
- When your wife greets you with the Karate Kid stance!
- You re-watch UFC 33 to see "technique"
- When you find yourself constantly saying to others, "It's not gay!" when there are two sweaty men in speedos, laying on top of each other, grunting and shifting around on your tv....
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