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This is nothing short of negligent parenting and it's one of the primary reasons that our public schools have degraded to the level that they are.

I grew up in one of the most liberal areas of the country, northern New Mexico, and I attended Junior High and High School in Santa Fe, NM. While I was attending school there, Santa Fe was ranked #2 in the country when it came to the openly gay male population. Also, the Progressive Liberal and Communist agenda was sold pretty heavily. Heck, we spent 6 weeks in my 8th grade English class studying the book Animal Farm and learning about all the ways that communism was supposed to be superior to democracy.

However, my parents were extremely vigilant when it came to monitoring exactly what we were learning. Usually they would simply correct the liberal lies and distortions that we would come home with; but occasionally my dad would make personal visits to the school to discuss his disagreement to the curriculum with the teachers and principals directly.

What I believe is that, regardless of what the public schools are teaching kids, the responsibility for the education of children is still in the hands of the parents. Period. End of story. Parents might pass the actual educational duties on to the public school system, but they can NEVER relieve themselves of the responsibility for their child's education.

So, if learning about "gay contributions to history" turns your son or daughter gay, then you have no one to blame but yourself.
Parents not reading their kids textbooks is by no means negligent parenting.

Would your parents ever correct the conservative lies that you were taught? Probably not because you still believe them.
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