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Originally Posted by flo View Post
If only, PTM.

Your points are excellent. I hadn't thought of welfare accountability in terms of what the average worker has to document but it's an apt comparison.
Flo, have you seen the recent report by the Heritage Foundation about poverty in America?

Don't get my wrong, I would not like to live in poverty. In addition, I think we as relatively wealthy Americans have a moral obligation to help our fellow citizens in poverty. However, I was shocked by some of the statistics on America's poor.

In my opinion, I don't think a person who is taking money from other citizens (by government force) should own a television, DVD player, car, cable t.v., jacuzzi, etc. I think we should make sure that people don't go hungry, or die from an untreated medical emergency. We should help people have access to clean water and sanitation. We should help children have access to an education. In my opinion, we are under no obligation to make sure people have amenities. In fact, in my opinion, people accepting welfare should be audited for any non-essential expenses and forced to give up these expenses before they are given a check. For example, they should not be allowed to buy tobacco, alcohol, drugs, lottery tickets, cable television, etc. If they have any assets, such as a car, television, cell phone, computer, etc., these assets should be sold to help them pay for their living expenses. As I mentioned, I think they should be compelled to work at community service if they don't have employment. I would make welfare recipients take mandatory classes on childcare, job skills, etc. I generally do not favor government intrusion in the lives of citizens; however, currently the onus is put on the taxpayer by the government. Our economic freedom is being limited. The government is taking money from me, by the threat of force and imprisonment, in order to give to someone, with relatively few strings attached. If I am going to be coerced by the government, the least the government can do is to make sure my money is spent on essentials and not wasted on amenities. Because I could be fined or arrested for not paying my taxes, the welfare recipient should be fined or arrested for obtaining money in a fraudulent way or spending money on items that are not absolutely essential for survival.
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