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I think that people receiving welfare should have to exhibit some modicum of responsibility for the money they receive from taxpayers. For example, when I travel on an expense account, I have to document my expenses in a report and submit receipts. If I submit false information, I would be fired and possibly charged with theft or embezzlement. Every year when I submit my taxes, I have to provide receipts or other documentation for every deduction I claim. If I commit fraud, I could be fined or imprisoned. For various jobs I have had, I have had to submit to the following: credit history checks, criminal background checks, FBI background checks, physical examinations (including a digital rectal exam! ), signed affadavits stating that I do not use illegal substances or have mental health issues, etc.
Welfare is not a constitutional right. The right to bear arms is a constitutional right. In order to get a firearm, I had to: be fingerprinted and have the fingerprints sent to the FBI, have a criminal background check, sign permission documents for the state to have access to my private medical records, etc.
I would propose the following for welfare recipients: 1) If they do not have employment, they must complete 40 hours of community service per week. That is the average workweek of the people paying taxes. Welfare recipients should have to work at least as hard as the taxpaying citizen. 2) Welfare payments are made from money collected from tax-paying citizens through government coercion. Taxes are not voluntary. They are mandatory. Ultimately, taxes are collected at the point of the barrel of a gun. If you do not pay your taxes or the resulting fines, eventually a policeman will show up with a gun to take you away to jail. Welfare recipients should have to fill out expense reports documenting how they spend the checks. Taxpaying citizens have to fill out expense reports and tax forms (this year I had to pay an accountant $500 to process my taxes. This did not include the many hours of my labor to collect and collate the information in order to fill out the forms), welfare recipients should have to exhibit similar responsibilities. 3) Welfare recipients should certainly have to submit to all the indignities that taxpayers have to submit to when seeking or keeping employment: drug tests, background checks, audits, etc.
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