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Default Heart rates for runners

So I joined a running group and have bought myself a heart monitor to use. I know next to nothing about how to go about preparing for a half marathon type run and plan to start with a basic Warrior Dash. Anyway, back to my question....

My calculated max heart rate is 184. The running group I joined does run/walk intervals working up to a 5K in September. Well doing the intervals right now I get to a heart rate of 202 long about the 4th run interval. My bf is thinking I should hold back more to keep my heart rate in a target range instead of letting it get that high and maintaining it between 195 and 202 for the rest of the run. What's the best and the safest way for me to get to my goal? I am 100% healthy and have seen a Dr who cleared me for any exercise I want to do. I plan to eventually be able to do a half marathon.


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