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Default Over used MMA terms

Does it bug anybody else when people throw around terms too much?
Here are some ones that really get me irritated.

Apparently (according to a lot of fans and fan sites) all you need to do to be a legend in this sport is to have been in it a while, and you're a legend. Anybody who was remotely around when the UFC first got going gets referred to as a legend, its silly.

Well Rounded
According to Joe Rogan at least 80 percent of MMA fighters are well rounded lol,
a BJJ guy throws a decent punch and he has suddenly become well rounded.

I hate it when people always talk about how classy or respectful everybody is. Like GSP for example, sorry not a classy guy. He took the Serra loss like a man, then retracted and said he under estimated, then took that back, wtf? He came in and tried to steal a moment from Matt after a fight, he just isn't a classy and respectful guy but people always say he is.
Another one is Randy Couture, sure he is somewhat respectful to the guys he fights,
but he has done some pretty NOT classy things.
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