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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
How did you guys let it get this far?
Until now, All they have done is march in protest...therefore they are permitted to do so under law...freedom of speech is considered a human right in this long as they are not insighting violence.

They have come from years of unchecked legal and illegal immigration. Europe forces us to take more then we can...and the Government department for immigration has always been the countries biggest civil service embarissment.

Ironically...they believe they are helping....coz they are targetting areas the Government has highlighted for disorderly conduct. But the Government dont do anything about this is British Muslims taking control into their own hands...

You should understand that being American...they are acting like Patriots...the difference in the United Kingdom is that as Citizens you dont have the right to take the law into your own do so is considered a rebellion against Government...and for the English the Government is supposed to protect and provide for us...ergo...its the Government that should now act to sort this out...this sort of shyte is why I ellected them to Rule

I now expect them to enforce their Rule against this Islamic Rebellion...and to learn from it, by sorting out the issues of disorder without employing Sharia Law
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