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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
He's like 32, which isn't old, but he only has a window .. why sit around when you can fight, make money while you are in your prime .... IMO guys like Fedor are being wasted by fighting so few times ... these fights are 3 rounds, so it isn't that bad .... fight, train, fight train

I think at a certain point longevity comes into play.
Fighters make a lot of money off things other than fighting, sponsors, gyms, seminars, etc..

The longer you're relevant, the better.
KOS fights often, but has only had a 5 year career,
Fedor is going 9 years and look at his record, I could see Fedor having a 15 year career.

So while I can see the arguement for fighting as often as possible,
I can see why fighting less would have benefits also.
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