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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Law enforcement needs to go in and arrest anyone attempting to enforce Sharia Law. If that doesn't work, then get the military involved and shut those areas down. What you have there is nothing short of an insurrection with the intent to take over the entire country. You can't allow it to get a foothold or you will never get rid of it.

Unfortunately, the UK government is most likely too cowardly to do anything to stop this gradual Islamic takeover. Ah well, pluralism and political correctness strikes again. RIP United Kingdom.
I'm not sure we have the military capability to enforce something like Martial Law anymore. Our Troops dont even get the correct protective equipment in warzones anymore because we cant afford it...I think we share sea carriers with our arch enemy France...and the reason we left Iraq was because we couldnt spare the men anymore.

One of the mightiest Militaries in the world we used to be, reduced to so little it probably wouldnt be able to secure its own boarders much less patrol its own streets if the need arose.

Westminster is likely to ignore this, leaving it to the local Government (the Town Councils) to sort out...which is okay if this is an idle threat...but NOT okay if these people mean to do what they say.

Noone cares anymore...didnt you hear...Islamic Terrorists have Human Rights now also...the right to freedom of speech, the right to freedom of Expression...Praise GOD they havent got the right to bear arms in this country...but no doubt they will take that whether it is given to them by law or not.

This sort of thing is a worry to me...because Sharia Law would be most unkind to anyone...even suspected of the sorts of sexual activities I might have once been engaged in. The mere suspicion in places Where Sharia is strictly enforced, is enough to get you hanged...I dont particularly want to find myself destined for the this sort of lawlessness it would be a lynching anyway...but you get the idea. Its not nice when you dont feel safe anymore.
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