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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
1) So would you be willing to say that the people who committed the 9/11 attacks and the attacks on your tube system weren't Muslim?

2) So I guess that because you are ok with the possibility of innocents being killed with the death penalty and seem to be pro-torture you're not a Christian either.

3) Got it, you're just pretending to be so you can be part of the clique who thinks so low of you because of how you were born.

4) You can't even comprehend what rnc said. No sense me trying to explain it to you as if you can't even grasp what rnc said, you'd definitely not be able to understand a simple explanation.

5) I entered this thread showing my disgust for the actions taken without making any statement about any political or religious affiliations. You made the first statement possible relating it to Al Qaeda. Someone else brought in the term Christian terrorist. You used the "no Scotsman defense" and I called it out. Period.

6) Then the gang-bang started.

7) I did nothing of the sort in this thread. Stick to the subject.

8) I bet that you like hearing yourself talk, don't you?

9) And what is my kind? Someone who can actually put out a thought in a concise form. Yep, that's me. You're doing a piss poor job of trying to bait me into slamming your religion.

10) What you don't understand is that you ramble on about stuff and lose any point you are trying to make. Stick to the subject.

11) You are so full of it and of yourself. You don't know Jack. Great usage of the "no true Scotsman" defense once again. Lol

12) You know what? If you were born in an Islamic country, you would most likely be Muslim. If born in a different country with a different religious brand, you would most likely be a member of that faith. It's simple; you became a member of the religion which you were brought up around, just as I was. We differ because I asked questions and realized that it wasn't for me and that I couldn't believe what had been and what was being taught.

BTW, you sure did read a lot into a simple statement I made. All of it imaginary.
1) They were fanatics that called themselves Muslims. From my experience of being in an Islamic Majority city during the times of 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq...I would say...No They were not what you would define as main stream Muslims...They are Radical Islamists...unlike Christianity, The Quran teaches that the Faith is to react differently at different times. In peace time, Muslims are not supposed to behave like Terrorists...there is radical interpretations of some parts of the Quran that imply where Islam is Threatened, that the Islamists should retaliate with Force, effectively going to war against persecutors. In so far as that is concerned I do not know enough about Jihad to know the criteria...I would guess that since you havent go entire Islamic States moving...that the Minority acting are probably not in line with any mainstream extremist view...but must be even more radical then that...and if you can be more radical then some of those States then...yes..I really think you've moved so far away from the text that you arent Islamic at all.

Incidently...I was in London for the tube bombings also.

2) The death penalty is upheld by Scripture. Their are crimes for which you can be executed by the state. As for very much depends. on the whole I dont support the mass torture of individuals...but if lives were dependant on getting a single suspect to talk. Sorry...I'm utilitarian in that respect. That doesnt harm my faith....when the goal is not to hurt the individual...the goal is to save countless lives...if he wont talk, he brings the hurt on himself.

3) I dont understand what your referencing here

4) No need to get defensive...I just said that you Scoff...and you so do. Instead of refuting, or accepting it, you attack my intelligence. Why so defensive?? Hit a nerve did I

5) Rationalize it how you want Buzzard. You dont fool anyone.


7) Oh yes you did

8) so much so, I read allowed each comment I make. So that I can not just appreciate myself in my head...but truely feel the sentiment

9) You are a Troll. I'm not baiting you. I am rebuking love..of course

10) sorry...what was your point. You lost me

11) who is Jack

12) If most people take on the religion of the country of their birth as you suggest...then...what the hell went wrong with YOU
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