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okay i was agreeing with you until you said that. then i lol'd
The reason I believe it is a waste of money is due to the fact that more money is spent on this war when it could be used better. How about using the money that is spent policing, arresting, trying, housing these low level pot users when it could be put to better use. I'm not talking about the major dealers, the low level users. If smuggling dope is such a lucrative business, take the untaxed money from the cartels and dealers and have it taxed and regulated, bringing in legal money. Of course the DEA and law enforcement involved in the war on drugs won't like it because it justifies their jobs, along with the "for profit" private prisons.

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If someone is high from smoking pot are they impaired like someone that is drunk? Is there any way to tell how high they are like a drunk can blow into a breathilizer? don't laugh i don't get out much i'm scared that more people may drive around high and put my life or my children life in danger. I realize it happens all the time now but I wonder how many people would start doing it.
If heroin was legalized tomorrow, would you try it? While I have heard that heroin is the mack daddy of drugs and have been on legal medication with pleasant effects similar to heroin, I would never try it due to the fact that it is so highly addictive.

I believe that there are different types of people and each would react to legal pot according to their already ingrained beliefs. Some would never try it period. Some would try it legal or illegal, and have and do smoke regardless of legality. Some might be on the fence due to legality, and would perhaps try it since the stigma of legality was gone, and would decide to continue on based on their experience with it. I'm sure I could make up some more categories of folks, but these are the first ones to come to mind.

I think it is similar to whether people will drink alcohol or not. I know some who love to drink, some who don't. I can take it or leave it. Getting drunk feels great at first, hangovers not so good. Moderation is the key for me if and when I choose to drink. I've had some raging hangovers and never want them again. Haven't had one in many many years.

There is a new device that is out now that can supposedly tell if one is currently under the effects of pot.

I've known a lot of pot users in my life and they have driven UTI without ever being pulled over or ticketed for it. Maybe they were just lucky, but again, I've read studies that claim driving UTI of pot has little to no detrimental effects. I just googled "driving while high on pot effects" and came across quite a few studies. After cursory readings of the first 6 or so hits(not on the bong ) from google, regular users showed little to no decreased driving skills. I'm sure many folks would disagree, but I am only stating what I just found.
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