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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
Please don't take this as an attack on you, but that is just so asinine.

Two consenting gay adults are different than any of your examples. If you can't see why then this discussion is over.
Not really, immorality is immorality it doesn't matter what form it takes. Plus, human morals degrade in a predictable pattern. It usually starts with the lifting of taboos on fornication (all forms of consenting sex outside of marriage) and voyeurism (lust, pornography), then the stigma of divorce is the next to go, followed by acceptance of homosexuality. Once homosexuality is accepted, the floodgates are opened and society begins to fall apart as all forms of sexual deviance become acceptable.

There are already groups out there using the exact same rhetoric as the Gay Rights movement to argue in favor of things like pedophilia, polygamy and bestiality. So, we might be having this exact same conversation in 20 years in regard to child molesters.
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