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Pot is not physically addictive. It is psychologically addictive. People think they need it to relax just like people who use tobacco. In the 60s smoking was considered a peaceful thing, however most research shows it actually is not. People who smoke long term and frequently are usually asses. That's a medical fact. Since they think smoking makes life better when they don't they become more irritable. also, when the come down from their high they are irritable.

This is what gets me about people who smoke - they refuse to deal with life as it really is. That I have a problem with. Today at work I may have a boss get mad at me, I may go pick up to kids who start fighting within 3 seconds of getting in my van, I may have more things to get done this evening before my body can take before it crashes. But that's life. You don't get a pass on doing drugs just because it makes life seem easier to you. Get over it or go get some prozac.
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