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Never smoked it, never had any interest in smoking it - legal or illegal. However, I do believe that making it legal would cause more people to try it out and potentially get addicted to it. I think the fact that it is illegal deters a lot more people from trying it than we might think.
I agree, I've never tried it and never really had the urge. Some of that may of been it being illegal and the other was not hanging around friends who did it. I though have thought about trying it, but heck I wouldnt know where to even get it I don't exactly know any corner selling pot dealers I don't drink neither, maybe I should start my friends always keep telling me thats the reason I'm so uptight and stressed all the time

Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
if they plan on legalizing it, let me know, i will buy stock in doritos ..

there are many good arguments for or against it .. the good things are that the cartels would stop because there would be no real reason to traffic it, but they would probably move to something else like coke, heroine or people .. people say it is a gateway drug, but i think tobacco and alcohol are also gateway drugs ...

here in canada it is decriminalized, meaning if you get caught with a spliff, you get a ticket or something, but if you have a bunch of it, you do get charged for intent to traffic .. something like that .. not saying that is the answer, but it might be a possibility .. me, i am for a keeping it illegal ..
This. Far as law here in states I'm not sure, but I think its similar in some areas it just depends on the amount they find you with.
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