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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
They're implying that marriage SHOULD be gay - in that gays should be allowed to marry. Bit of a twist on the words I think.
Tyburn is still right. Dollywood should maintain, that it had them turn the shirt inside out because it appears as though they were using the word gay as a synonym for stupid, and that offends gays. They hate it that they are the new retarded. Speaking of which, what if the shirt said, marriage is retarded?

And why would the sodomites be upset that we defend marriage? Aren't they wanting to be married, shouldn't they be happy we are defending it and shouldn't they help us defend it? Dollywood didn't do anything against sodomy, only for marriage.

And yes I call it sodomy, not being gay, or being homo. I am not a homophobe, if anything i am a sodomophobe. But I ain't scared of sodomites, they seem pretty wimpy to me. I could even take em.

Also, why do we even acknowledge "gay marriage", that is an oxymoron, with the emphasis on moron. Marriage is a Divine institution, created and ordained by God, between one man and one woman. They can't change that with a law or popular opinion. The government didn't invent marriage, they don't get to dictate the parameters of it. Uncle Sam needs to brush up on his separation of church and state he likes to talk so much about. They don't want churchs talking about homosexuality, but the way I see it is that they are the ones who can't talk about it. Marriage is religious not legal rite.

If i decided matt hughes changed his name to buffy hughes the gracie slayer, does that mean he did? no, it doesn't. Likewise if all mankind decided that marriage was going to be redefined, is it? No. That is still up to God, the inventor and honorer of marriage.

Last time I checked I couldn't take a coffee maker cord and a toaster cord and tape the ends together and call them plugged in, and i know they definitely aren't going to work that way.

well anyways, that's my rant.
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