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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
That's all we need, more stupid people.

Pot kills brain cells. If you don't believe me, just try to have a conversation with a long time pothead.
I know many long term pot users, all above average intelligence and quite successful in their careers. Owners of their own business, college graduates, etc. The studies that I have read don't seem to support your claim, nor does my own experience with pot users. Sure if you look only at slacker kids who smoke dope you could get that impression. Back when I worked at the hospital, so many of the resident doctors and other staff hospital members were known to toke up quite frequently. Hard to pass your medical boards if you don't have the intelligence.

Heck, using your standard, I would claim that some of the posters on this forum were potheads because of their lack of basic writing skills. One that comes to mind I doubt uses.

We could also use your definition and say the same about alcohol drinkers, tobacco users etc.
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