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No matter what happens, if the government defaults it will most likely be seen as the President's failure. He's the guy in the Oval Office, so he should get the blame.

What's funny is that, back in early 2009 before Obama forced his stimulus plan through, people were warning that Obama's plan combined with Bush's bank bailout (which Obama voted for), would push our national debt beyond 14 trillion in a few years. When I tried telling Obama supporters about this, they would always say, "That's impossible!" or "You watch too much Fox News!"

Now, it's 2011 and the debt is over $14 trillion. Looks like the warnings about potentially catastrophic economic effects from Obama's 2009 stimulus plan were true. Although I believe it's happened a lot faster than what was predicted.

Maybe the government needs to default and Social Security, Medicare and Welfare need to collapse. Then churches and secular charities can step in to meet those needs and people can stop depending upon the government for their survival.

Shoosh, we don't want people supporting themselves now do we?
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