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what is dollywood?

anyway .. twinsmama .. i don't think they were dissing marriage but it was more of support for gay marriage .. don't know .. could be wrong ... but i would think it would be a play on words meaning gays should be allowed to marry ... i just think censoring something like that is silly ... i could understand swear words or something .. i remember when i was younger there was a kid my age wearing a swastika on his shirt (i am sure that is considered offensive and not allowed here in canada).. i started mouthing off to the kid saying he didn't know what it stood for and crap as no one else would do it .. LOL .. the kids dad came by and wanted to tear me a new one (surprise, he was wearing the same shirt) .. anyways, stuff like that i can see being offensive, beer shirts and ghey stuff, i'd say pick your battles ..
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