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Originally Posted by Dethbob View Post
Hate? If you have nothing to say, you can always throw insults, right? If the problem was a lack of comprehension on my part, Im sure you would have come up with something a little better than Youre Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Pardon me while I LOL.
What insult did I throw? The fact of the matter is that Tyburn used the NTS defense and I called it out. Simple. Nice strawman again, but valueless. It was a lack of comprehension on your part, simple there too. Your dislike for me has clouded your judgement. Something, something, something dark side, beware.

If you quit building up strawmen, I won't have to keep knocking them down. I'm fine with the fact that you don't like me; I don't need friends of your ilk.

I'm lol'ing at you too.
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