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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
You made that statement knowing someone would react like this, so you could deny all knowledge.

You do it deliberately Buzzard. I want you to know that I am accutely aware that you never just point something out, without it being an attempt to cause this kind of stir. Its your whole reason for posting on this forum, it always had been.

You deliberately made that ambiguous statement hoping for someone like deathbob to come along. Does it make you feel good, what exactly is it, that you get out of ••••ing around with peoples core values.

Its not okay Buzzard.
Where the heck did I mess with the core values of anyone prior to the gangbang? I made a simple statement and was attacked for it.

You have a great imagination Tyburn. Too bad you lack common sense. I made the statement because you used the classic "no true Scotsman" defense. That's it. Dethbob then jumped in with a well played strawman that was easily blown down without any huffing or puffing. Classic.

I still stand by my statement and fully own it. You used the NTS defense; not once but twice. Pull your panties out of your crack, man up and admit it.
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