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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
Next time use some salt and pepper before putting words in my mouth as rearnakedchoke pointed out. Complete and utter fail on your part once again. Imagine a super cool fail "meme" image here.

You and other people appear to love using the "no Scotsman" defense whenever a member of a your (generic lumping together of Christian) faith commits a "faux pas", as happened when I made my reply.

To answer your question; not even remotely.
He was no member of my faith. A fraud is not a member despite what he says...

I am not in communion with him. Even GOD points out many people who think they are Christian, dont belong to him.

What RNC said was hang around threads like this to mock...because if you didnt believe but were open you would be learning, and you show no signs...and if you didnt believe and didnt want to believe, you would register your opinion and leave...but look out to try and actually bring other peoples faiths down.

Your attempt to call people here hypocrits...brings about what aim?

True non believers dont align yourself with something you are not, in exactly the same way as the killer did to christianity. Your both frauds, I dont know whether its just to cause division, or if its just to cause attention...or if its a form of spiritual warfare, or if its just a case of being nutty...I dont know...but I KNOW people who dont believe...and I know those who are into hostile athiesm...which isnt an opinon...but it out to distroy the faith of those that have it.

Your one of them....its your inability to be mute on subjects supposed to be no more then fantasy for comfort, that betrays you. It always is with your kind.

What you dont understand is that Christianity is not really a religion, its not a belief...neither is Judaism. Judaism is about blood family...and Christianity is about a relationship with the creator. If you are in a relationship with someone, you get to know get to know what they are get to know what they feel about issues, how they work.

I Know GOD...personally...I know how to spot him in situations, in circumstances, in other people. He sometimes does condone violence, he sometimes does get angry...but for someone in the becomes obvious, blindingly obvious when something like this happens...that it wasnt from GOD. He may use it to his advantage...but I do not believe that someone in a relationship with him would do what happened in Norway. If he wasnt in a relationship with Christ...then he has no right to call himself a Christian...and regardless of whether he does or definition he is not a Christian.
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