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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
well, he considers himself to be part of knights templar, or templar knights, something like that .. until all the information comes out ..
Ironically The Knights Templar had the opposite role to play. The Knights Templar were a banking system, and Hired Protection. If you were a Roman Catholic Pilgrim, you would pay your local Templar, and he would make sure on your journey through foreign lands to the pilgrammage destination you would be safe from war torn parts of the world. Once at your destination, you could visit your local Templar ( a different Foundation) and be able to withdraw from him any extra funds you gave the one at the that if you were attacked on the had none of your valuables lost or stolen.

Seems to promote the transporting of immigrants from one Catholic State to another...

Its one of the early forms of large scale banking in the world.

It is through this means that they built up their funds and their wealth, and its because of their expansion across the entirity of the Roman Catholic World, that the Vatican and European Royalty soon realized that the Knights had the wealth, and the geography...and the ability, to save pilgrims from the Church itself if needs be...

Soooo They organised a mass murder, the date was Friday Thirteenth...early in the morning, when the Templars met for prayer. Soon after the Pope disolved the order, and what little remained of them became The Knights Hospitalier (in other words a Catholic medical corps) Those around in the Crusades became The Knights of The Cross of Saint John of Jerusalem...but they were Military and under Romes control.

Any reformation doesnt follow from what the Templars were originally about. The safe passage of pilgrims, and the protection of their assets at a cost, on a global scale, irespective of geographical boarders.

How does one claim to be a Templar...and have a problem with mass immigration and western wealth...These nutters dont even know about the causes they pretend to be part of...they pick names coz they sound Kewl...without the slightest adherance to anything that name may have stood for.

Sooo...not Christian, and Not Templar....but possibly pretending to be both, and calling himself both, just to give him an excuse to kill people for some oddball cause like anti islamic immigration.
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