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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Adolf Hitler was a Right Wing Extremist..
You're using that old, outdated "political spectrum" nonsense to come to that conclusion. Hitler was most definitely NOT a right wing extremist.

The old political spectrum puts right wing extremists in one end, with left-wing extremists on the other end with anarchy somewhere in the middle. Well that entire notion was made up as a form of left wing propaganda in order to try to classify men like Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagan in the same boat.

However, the truth is that anarchy is one extreme and totalitarianism is the other extreme. Anarchy is obviously no government whatsoever (which is impossible to maintain, since people will band together and form local governments for the sake of safety). Totalitarianism is when the government has absolute control over the lives, deaths and even thoughts of it's citizens.

This puts most communists, socialists and fascists in the same boat because they all seek total control of their populations. So, Obama has more in common with Adolf Hitler than Reagan.
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