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Originally Posted by Dethbob View Post
A brief look at his manifesto would show that he was Right Wing...that doesnt mean he was Christian...but there is a strong Christian right that does blah on about Islam taking over Europe.

No Christian acts the way this guy did. But a lot of extremists might use the guise of Christianity to have a cause. Adolf Hitler was a Right Wing Extremist..He managed to use Left Wing Political Unions, and Christianity to try and proove his THAT is desperate...and so obviously untrue.

Christians who desire change like the cause that this guy claimed to be fighting for go into politics and change the world through the correct channels. If you dont like how your Government runs its politics, change it yourself...but that requires true work and dedication to a cause...most people cant be bothered to put the time and effort in...its easier and faster to use a machine gun then it is to work your way into a position of power and influence...and then use it to GODs advantage.

But...which works best?

Supposing this guy had instead gone into politics, become leader of his party, become ellected into power, and then allowed those who wanted to integrate to come in, and reformed those who did not wish to?

It might have taken him 5 or 10 years...sounds like it took him 5 or 10 years to plan this attack Instead of prooving a point, all he's done is turned himself into a nutjob, and hardened the resolve of those in Government to be even more free and welcoming to Islamic Settlers.

You can change the world, and you can perform Opus Dei....but gone are the days when you can do that with a bullet alone....Sad thing is...anyone truely committed to any cause knows this..and the battles they fight are much harder and involve a lot more then shooting at unarmed youths. The Real Crusaders are working behind the scenes, slowly, and tirelessly to do GODs will, and the forces they come up against in their struggles are funded by the darkest Evil, which is not of this it is as Saint Paul writes that our boggle is not with other men, but with the principalities and dominions of darkness which use other men like pawns to try and shut down GODs advance.
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