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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
he is a Christian terrorist ... media didn't turn him into anything .. LOL
But why bomb the Government district and a youth camp of liberal left wingers...I dont expect any of the casualities were islamic...Thats what I dont understand about his Crusade...A Christian Crusader attacks...Christian liberals????

Sounds less like organized terrorism and more like a nut job...I mean...How are the Government supposed to connect a car bomb with immigration reform...and how does shooting a mixture of christians and aethiest left wingers halt the spread of Islam???

Now had it been a bomb blast at a central Mosque...or a shooting spree at an Islamic Missionary College...I could at least see the moral-less point he was trying to make.

But killing Christians and an adhoc bomblast in a Government Quarter of a the name of Christ to stop Islam...doesnt spell hardline right winger to spells nutter with a gun...and probably voices in his head Not to be predjudice or anything...but he's extremely Aryan isnt he. Blond hair, blue eyes...European nutjobs...wonder if he has anything to do with neo-nazism??

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