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Default Baltic Terrorist Attacks in Norway begins Afghan retaliation

We need to hope that this is not the start of a wave of retaliation attacks due to the killing of OBL and/or the decade of 9/11.

At least 87 people were feared dead in Norway last night after a gunman mowed down students at a summer camp hours after a bomb had devastated the centre of Oslo.

Dozens of youths attending a political gathering were reported to have been shot dead when a terrorist disguised as a policeman opened fire on a holiday island on a lake near the capital.

Police say at least 80 people were killed in the youth camp after initially reporting the death toll at 10.

Seven people had earlier been killed in central Oslo when a car bomb went off outside the country’s main government building. Members of the country’s ruling Labour Party were the targets in both cases. Police had confirmed a total of 17 deaths last night.

British security forces were immediately placed on alert amid fears that Norway’s worst terrorist outrage might be the first in a series of attacks on the West. The carnage followed repeated warnings that al-Qaeda was planning a Mumbai-style attack on countries involved in the war in Afghanistan, where Norway has about 500 troops
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