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I liked O'Reilly but the more I watched him, the more I realized he was an arrogant bully who thinks he knows it all. Rush has it right when he calls him Ted Baxter. Just the other day on his show (yes, I still occasionally watch it ) he was talking about a fraternity and pronounced "chi" as "chee" (like cheese). A couple years ago he was interviewing a Latino border expert and he was pontificating about human smugglers, and he called them wetbacks instead of coyotes! OMG, you should have seen his guest's face, he couldn't believe it either. He's so dumb.
Ted Baxter, priceless! Another good laugh with the wetback/coyote mix-up. I watch a lot of O'Reilly getting mud in his face on youtube. I agree with you, he is a bully, and a cowardly one at that.
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