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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN View Post
But the reason the Euro is failing is because of the manipulation of other currencies like the yen, the dollar, etc. If a one world currency is implemented, there can be no more manipulation of other currencies. Plus, like I told RNC, once we're broke and the European states are broke, it will cause a world wide financial meltdown. China's economy alone has been built on the very buying power of America. Once we're broke, who are they going to sell their goods and services to? theory...that is true.

I explained the china thing above...course...what it means is it could be the chinese currency that becomes the single currency if they follow a course of my political strategy, and your financial strategy.... 2020 we have the Chinese Currency as a single world Currency after Europe and America Crash, and the Chinese Rebuild...and then, We'll all be living under the Communist Rule of The Peoples Republic of China...

....thats an unpleasent scenario if ever I heard one
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