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No...this isnt a building up...its a breaking down....The Euro Currency is looking to become a failure...some say that European Union Countries will begin to Re-Implement their OWN currency to save themselves rather then be dragged down by being part of a single currency that is causing their countries to fall like dominos

This is Europe moving FURTHER AWAY from Unity Financially.

BUT with Europes currency crashing, Stirling little used world wide, and the American Dollar being tied to debt...we could see a rise in the Oriental Currencies...and if they were to eclipse either Dollars or Stirling...then...Yes...big single currency issue
But the reason the Euro is failing is because of the manipulation of other currencies like the yen, the dollar, etc. If a one world currency is implemented, there can be no more manipulation of other currencies. Plus, like I told RNC, once we're broke and the European states are broke, it will cause a world wide financial meltdown. China's economy alone has been built on the very buying power of America. Once we're broke, who are they going to sell their goods and services to?
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