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Originally Posted by suntereo View Post
well i havent been to good about the promised updates but to be honest it's been tough going the last month or so and i just havent felt like it. today however felt like turning the corner a bit. the biggest challenge has been muscle endurance. i'm plenty strong and my cardio moved along pretty quick but we were hitting a wall at about 30-40 minutes in where i would feel very sick and my muscles would no longer respond. recovery was non-existant and it was as if someone was litteraly pulling the plug out of my muscles.

my trainer had me log my foods for a couple of weeks and was confident he could solve the problem with diet... i thought he was a retard and wasting my money. his assesment after the two weeks was that my overall calorie intake was about half of what my body required and that the ratio between carbs, fat and proteins was off. in addition my sodium intake was thru the roof and my water consumption was keeping me borderline dehydrated. mind you that this was while i was "eating healthy" on my own and "drinking plenty of fluids".

my opinion of his competancy was still low but since he already cashed my check i did my best to stick to his diet for the last few weeks. he has me eating more carbs than i ever have but despite my fears, i havent turned into a bagel yet and the results are absolutely stunning. today was a very intense workout for about 90 min. other than two 5min breaks it was pretty much back to back circuit training with alot of movements to test the muscle endurance. the most amazing part is the recovery! for example we did 2min sets of pushups where i would reach muscle failure then rest in the up position for a few seconds and then have the strength to do a few more, keeeping this up thru the entire 2 minutes for several goes.

anyhow my spirits are up and i am very curious to see how the body performs thursday at greco practice.

later - bodi.
Nice. I need that diet. My recovery time sucks, too.
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