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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
They need to kill Social Security now. Stop paying out new benefits and everyone who has paid into the system should get all that money back. In other words, each citizen pays zero federal income taxes until every single penny that we've paid into Social Security is reimbursed to us.
That's an interesting idea but it's never going to happen. Social security wouldn't be such a failure if our government hadn't spent the money contributed to the program on other things and we should long ago have eliminated social security payments to those who make, say, $250,000 a year (just pulling that figure out of my hat) - they do not need it. This program was originally designed to help us fill the gaps in our retirement income and has morphed into a behemoth rank with corruption, waste, incompetency and fraud (as is the case with most government-run businesses.)

In trying to understand our economic crisis and this debt ceiling business, most economists I've listened to without an agenda seem to think this continual raising of the debt ceiling must stop now, that we've been unaccountable in our spending and debt for too long - BOTH parties.

Raising taxes will not stimulate the economy. It is a proven fact that reducing the tax burden does. The dems love playing to class warfare - punish those that succeed. This talk about paying "their fair share" is a joke, what exactly IS that "fair share"?

The repubs have their issues as well but I'm totally on board with deregulating businesses, cutting taxes and slashing entitlements and the budgets of govt. departments (or eliminating them entirely, I just don't think that is going to happen).
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