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Default Obama: seniors could be hurt without debt deal

Our president is a coward. He is really using fear over elderly and disabled people to get his way? Why does social security have to be the first thing he threatens will be effected? Why not let the thousands of special interest groups funded by tax dollars get a close up shop notice? Of if social security needs to be cute how about looking at the hundreds of thousands getting disability for BS reasons? Oh my kid has ADHA so I need a check (that I'll use to get my nails and hair done when what I need to spend it on is a belt to tear my child butt up.). Oh I'm fat so my back and knees hurt and I can't work so I need a check (that's I'll use to eat out with and buy pain pills illegally with when what I really need is a gym membership). How about reforming who gets social security? NO WAY - THAT DOESN'T GET VOTES!

As for elderly, my father in law just got to the age where he can draw social security. He has paid in a quater of a mil, which is matched by his employer, so half a mil paid in. Based on his monthy amount received he likely won't live to even draw a tenth of that. Social security is a crappy system that needs to fail anyways.
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