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I live out in western canada. Yes not everyone lives in the center of the universe called Toronto. There is quite a big disdain here in Alberta for the province of Quebec. It goes back to the mid 1970's and 1980's with some political decisions that were made, that hurt the west to benefit Quebec. The prime minister at the time (Pierre Trudeau who did not care for people in the west) brought in the NEP (National Energy Program) an equalization payment that crippled the oil and gas industry in the west. There is alot of tax dollars from the rest of Canada that go to Quebec to prop up the province and keep it running. There was a time when Quebec did want to separate from Canada, but I don't think that is as much the case anymore. We recently had an election here and the ruling party in Quebec that was pro separatism was defeated so I think things may change there.

As far as the size of province. It is bigger than the state of Texas.

Spiritually it is very European and very dark.
what??? well, true, not everyone comes from here, but only our opinions count .. LOL .. i kid i kid

the west wanted in, and now they are in, in full effect .. i don't think the libs will get back into power for a while .. there is only one person that can save the liberal party and that is justin trudeau .. he will bring the party back to it's glory days!!!
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