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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
i am sure there are others that know more than me, but yes, for a while, there is a certain population that would like soverignty for quebec ... they are already very different in their politics, culture etc, but i love the culture and history they bring to canada ... they have had votes and referendums on separating, but never have ... they are far from the smallest province .. they are largest in size and probably second in population .. and rich in history ..
I was told they were just a very small province in Canada

Feel free to educate me on what Rich History they bring Are they left overs from the French that Sailed to the Defence of the US when it made its bid for Independance...or are they some entirely different set of French people...only...I cant understand why you would have a French Colloney on the East side of Canada unless they were involved in the US War of Independance...but then I cant ever imagine those involved in that War EVER aggreeing to be Canadian if Canada has always been Commonwealth, and hence under the British Crown Technically speaking..Even so, if they come they are not a State from the American Union...for their support was for America as a Colloney of England, not as a North American Continent.

I dont know much about Canada to be honnest...I probably know more about Australia then I do Canada...and I know even less about the French Canadian Side of Canada then the...erm... Non French side I have heard their cities are very beautiful, I suspect that I would find them most Continental...which in Europe is so common as to be almost looked over...I had that problem with Washington DC...Its a Beautiful City...but terribly Continental. So Continental, it doesnt feel in the slightest bit American...all the Monuments are mock Classical, and the place overrun with was VERY strange...and I didnt like it that much for that reason...which is horribly unfair but it felt like I was back in Europe Had it not been for the Capitol get the idea
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