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I purposely left an ambiguous reply and am surprised that you are the first to nibble on the bait and make the first assumption.

Did I mean good for NBC for cutting out the words "under god, indivisible" or did I mean good for NBC for apologizing about upsetting viewers? All replies assume the first without any thought that it could mean the latter.

Personally I feel that I am not included it the pledge in it's present form due to the addition of the words under god. I don't and won't pledge to anything that requires me to have a belief in or be subordinate to a god.

Interesting that the pledge was written by a socialist minister, yet didn't include anything about any god in the original form.
Perhaps we could change it again to this.

The New Pledge
Might I add, a minister that was later pressured into leaving the church he was pastoring because of his unbiblical beliefs and theology!
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