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No it doesn't. It's an unlawful search. No probable cause. What other rights are you willing to give up?

Do you know how much a drug screen costs? I do. It's $228.00. I have a receipt in front of me showing it. Do you think poor folks can afford that?
I find it to be a total conflict of interest on the Gov's part too. How nice that he and wife share stock in a company that provides drug screens. Putting it under his wife's name doesn't take away the conflict. Sure they say they won't apply for the contract now, but they will eventually imo.

I thought folks wanted a less intrusive government, maybe that's only the one's who care about the CONUS though.

EDIT: How about we deny any welfare or any benefits to fat people, because we know that they chose the gluttonous lifestyle with their unhealthy eating habits? Do you really want to live in a nanny state? Attacking and charging the poor when they don't have the funds to feed themselves is repulsive and unAmerican.
I'm not sure where you have that is charging that much for a drug test but let me tell you someone is getting ripped off. As part of my job I process invoices to our accounting department which include invoices for new hire drug screens and accidental drugs screens. The standard rate is $57 when done by our regular doctor's office and $98 if it had to be done in an emergency room.

And as to the unlawful search, the constitution doesn't give anyone the right to have the government give them money just because the refuse to work to why should the constitution be used to "protect" them from being cut off of a program they are no entitled to anyways?
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