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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
Why shouldn't they teach the accomplishments of those in the gay community? Are their accomplishments any less than those of straight people? They don't need to hammer into them that they are/were gay, but I see no problem in acknowledging it. YMMV

Not trying to be confrontational, just wondering if you would be ok with the schools just stating the fact that they were gay. I remember in school being taught accomplishments of christian people and I didn't have a problem with it then, nor do I now.

BTW, the other gay thread has been closed again with so many of my questions left unanswered.
If that person openly admitted being gay, then I have no problem with mentioning it as long as that person contributed to history in a significant manner. However, focusing solely on "gay contributions to world history" or making assumptions that certain historical figures "might" have been gay, even though there is no real evidence of it, would not be acceptable IMO.

For example, there is some evidence that Alexander the Great was a homosexual. Since he had such a major contribution to world history, I would see nothing wrong with mentioning that as long as his sexual orientation didn't become the focus of the lesson.

As for your last comment, closing that thread was not my decision; but I understand why it was done. When any thread turns into nothing more than a pissing match between two forums members, then it's time to end the discussion.
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